Travelling the world for free is but a big dream for almost everyone. To take a journey across all nations on Earth without spending money seemed almost impossible. Well not until a Danish traveler proved that the idea of such is indeed within reach.

Meet Dane Torbjorn C. Pedersen, a 37-year old ambassador for the Danish Red Cross who taught us that to travel the world does not necessarily entail spending a huge amount of money. How? By simply getting across seas through a cargo vessel.

Pedersen, also known as Thor, has been on his journey to various countries since 2013. His goal of visiting places without getting on a plane is now almost complete as he already is done visiting nations across North, Central and South America, and Europe. Thor has also had set foot on the Caribbean and Indian Oceans, as reported on The Telegraph.

The lucky traveler spends at least a day in every country while taking snaps of himself along the way. Now, he's currently taking a voyage to African nations with Ethiopia being the last stop.

After visiting 122 countries, Dane is set to travel to 81 more including the rest of Africa, Asia, Middle East, Eastern part of Europe and the Pacific Islands. When asked, the Danish ambassador told the source the top 14 countries on his list with Greenland being the top 1.

Thor said that he's experience on the top notching country is beyond compare. He also described Greenland as "unique and memorable" along with Cuba (Top 2) for both historical, cultural and of course, geographical aspects.

Though adding up for some additional (rare) expenses, Dane's budget of $20 according to him is more than enough as it covered a lot of his expenses during his trips which include his meals, accommodation, daily transport and even his visa, added The Telegraph. The lone traveler also shared tips on how to get on board on cargo ships as he termed it to be a result of a "great deal of work."

Thor said that in order to travel on a cargo vessel, you have to negotiate to the crew properly as they do not get any benefit with having you around. Of course, no form of luxury will come your way as you are only vying for a free ride. Nevertheless, you may still get lucky to get access to the internet at times and even see dolphins and other sea creatures along the trip.

Thor is just one of the few luckiest people on Earth to set foot on various lands and islands. However, with luck always comes hard work and perseverance just like what he had done and continuously do for his lifetime goals. Hence, if you want to follow his footsteps, better yet work hard for it as well.

More than the places, the Danish traveler also said that the people and his experiences made his journey worth remembering and made him realize how poorly the world is portrayed in the eyes of the media. Were you inspired by his story? Find out more about travelling in Travelers Today.