Going away this Christmas? Millions of Americans are expected to travel this Holiday season. If you're one of them, here are some simple, sure-fire ways on how to make your Holiday travel stress-free.

Before you leave the house, make sure that you're bag's well-packed. Only have the important things in there--your passport, travel documents, a small hygiene kit, a phone, the least number of bulky things possible, and maybe some reading material. Always pack well, and pack light. If you're not using it, put in on your checked luggage. 

Another thing that you need to do before stepping out of your home: do web check-in. This usually starts around 48 hours before you fly, but check the airline website just to be sure. This will let you skip long lines and save you plenty of time at the airport. 

Travel and Leisure suggests that you sign up for alerts--not just with your airline, but also great apps like Flight+ or FlightStats, apps which could inform you about delays, cancellations, and other flight changes even before your airline does.

Because there will be a thousands of other people in the airport with you, lines in security will be very long. Make things easier for the airport staff and yourself by wearing the right clothes: shoes that you can easily remove, clothes with the least amount of metal on them, and--if possible--no wearing of belts (you will most likely need to remove them in x-ray machines). 

While many airports provide free power and have charging stations, there is a very small chance that you won't be able to charge easily as everyone will be using it. Make sure that all of your gadgets are charged. If you think that you'll run out, there are a lot of great power banks out there that will allow you to charge anywhere.