2016 has seen quite a number of aviation accidents, but, on the same note, the air travel also gives us something to look forward to. Picturesque skies, dazzling coasts, majestic mountains await passengers while they prepare for landing. In no particular order, here are the most scenic landings in the world.

The Malta International Airport catches the attention of the passengers with its good blend of blue (seas), green (mountains), brown (rocks) and cream (temples and buildings) colors viewed from top angle. As a matter of fact, Malta topped this year's survey by PrivateFly for the most scenic landings in the world.

While it is precarious to land here, Courchevel Altiport manages to attract travellers because of its location in the heart of the French Alps. The five-minute touch down provides thrill and challenge to a limited few as access to this airport is highly restricted.

Next is the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport in Canada. It is an island airport that lets it guests see the Toronto Skyline in daylight and in dark skies.

Another scenic airport landing that should not be missed is The Gibraltar International Airport. The airplane passes an intersection of busy cars and the approach offers a view of the enormous Rock of Gibraltar. Although, the approach poses a risk, because of its location, the landing experience is one of a kind. Recently, a footage was taken of a Monarch airline struggling to make a landing at the airport.

Last is the London City Airport in the UK. Because it is closest to Central London, this approach gives a sight of the city such as Thames, Canary Wharf, The Shard, London Eye and many more landmarks.

Airplane landings do not have to be frightening or boring. Make sure to reserve a seat by the window to capture these most scenic views.