With the improvements in the economy of the country and the low gas prices, about 103 million Americans are set to take on a journey this Yuletide Season. Some will embark on a road trip, some will fly and others will hit the buses or trains.

Being the third busiest airport in the United States, the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will not be exempted from the holiday rush of travellers. In fact, in 2015, the airport has catered to 74.9 million passengers. This year, it is expected to serve about 4 million holiday travellers.

In the Ultimate Holiday Guide published by Orbitz, the top 1 destination for Christmas and the top 2 destination for New Year's Eve is Los Angeles. With the Grand Park, Santa Monica Main Street and other holiday destinations, no wonder people are heading to Los Angeles to celebrate the festive season.

In a press release, the Los Angeles Airport Police Department Chief, David Maggard, has assured the public that they will bring in extra officers and the police force will be well-staffed.

To anticipate the holiday dash, long queues and stress, the airport has provided some tips on how to cope. Passengers are advised to reach the airport 3.5 hours before the departure time. Facilities are also provided such as the 24/7 Cell Phone Waiting Lot that gives free space to park for up to two hours. Ridesharing like uberPool and Lyft Line will also be an alternative to avoid high travel costs. Lax Flyaway round trip buses can also be used by passengers. It will connect LAX to other routes for a reasonable price.

Are you heading to Los Angeles City? You can still be jolly despite the influx of passengers. Just make sure that you are prepared with all the necessities and aware of better alternatives.