Moxy Hotels, one of Marriott International's hotel brand is increasing their influence all around Europe. With established Moxy Hotels in Milan, New Orleans and Berlin, we can say that Moxy Hotels are quite successful. Marriott International's Moxy Hotel brands aims to give travelers things they need and long for and go against things they do not wish. Moxy Hotels uses the phrase "everything they (travelers) want".

According to reports from Marriott News and Breaking Travel News, Moxy Hotels is launching their new territory in the UK. This new territory is called the Moxy Aberdeen Airport. It aims to provide travelers the fun and comfortable experience they deserve at a low price. This new hotel offers a 24/7 open place to cater travelers at any time. It incorporates new technologies to make staying and transacting with the hotel easier and more comfortable.

Unique and entertaining design is used to make the hotel look fun and approachable. The hotel will be using some organic materials like organic and linear linens to give guests a wonderful experience. As the Moxy Hotel aims to bring fun and enjoyment to a whole new level, the hotel allows people to mingle and meet each other as they provide great services especially for those foreign travelers.

The hotel's location is also easy for travelers as it is located near the Aberdeen International Airport. The Moxy Aberdeen Airport also offers tons of facilities travelers can use. Coffee bars, bars and restaurant are all available for guests to enjoy. According to the global brand director of Moxy Hotels, Vicki Poulos, "Moxy's newest outpost in the urban city of Aberdeen will embody the brand's contemporary and playful design in a tech enabled environment- a dynamic setting for the first Moxy Hotel in the United Kingdom."

Poulos also added, "As an established hub for business with growing tourism industry, we look forward to introducing this experiential and affordable brand to fun hunter travelers." It's quite amazing how a hotel aimed for providing fun experiences like never before can actually offer services for a low price.