Thomson is a historic UK-based holidaymaker for over 60 years already. It offers and arranges great vacation tips to travelers who avail their services. Now, Thompson is a subsidiary of the TUI Company, a Germany based company, which also provides travel and vacation services to travelers.

As Thomson released its new campaign relating to the upcoming holiday season. It is said to be the last and ultimate campaign released by the company before subjecting to the rebranding process. As reported by The Guardian and Breaking Travel News, Thomson will be releasing this new campaign this December. The new campaign is said to be filled with emotions just like any other Thomson campaigns. The title of this campaign is "moments".

"Moments" will be released as a short film. A 30 second version of this film will be aired all throughout the months of December and January while the 60 second video will be shown on December 16, 2016. The story is about a young child walking towards her father in the swimming pool while remembering lots of memories and moments.

According to Jeremy Ellis, the marketing director of Thomson, "While the 2016 film may be the final Thomson sign-off, we remain committed to bringing our customers with us on this journey while we continue to offer quality, modern and more personalized getaways you would expect from a holiday company with over 60 years of heritage in the industry." He also added, "The new film continues this theme, narrating a story around the importance of creating memorable holiday 'moments', bringing new life to our customer promise, 'Discover Your Smile'".

As the said holidaymaker, Thomson, will be handed over to TUI, the company builds itself a brand migration program to be a global travel leader in the travel industry of UK. Through memorable and emotional campaigns, Thomson seeks to help customers feel the spirit of the holiday season with them. Here is a video released by Thomson the previous year: