Kleindienst, the largest European real estate company in Dubai, announced the beginning of the project "The Heart of Europe" to be placed in "The World Islands". They have just signed contracts with JK Bauen Building Contracting, Wuchang Ship Building Industry Group Co. Ltd and Sino Great Wall International Engineering Co. Ltd which were worth Dh4.8 billion to kick-start the project.

Dubai is a world-renowned luxurious tourist destination with its man-made islands, luxurious shopping destinations, lively nightlife and ultramodern architectural sights. Add in another artificial island to the mix and we have the most luxurious tourism industry in the world. Take note, it's not just any island. Its design features a heart-shaped and boasts of not only one, but six islands. These are named after famous European destinations Sweden, Germany, Main Europe, Switzerland, St. Petersburg and Monaco, that it's like visiting Europe!

According to Gulf News, "The Heart of Europe" is inspired from Maldives. It will be built 6.5 kilometers off the coast of Dubai. The main element of the project is to offer a revitalizing retreat to guests.Khaleej Times reported that the island will highlight white beaches, a 24/7 butler service, an infinity pool, lagoons, rich tropical gardens, a pool bar, a restaurant and spa facilities. Water activities, such as snorkeling and diving, will also be available for guests.

According to plans, facilities will be divided among the islands. All hotels will be on "The Heart of Europe's" center, the Main Europe Island. Villas will be placed on Germany Island. There are also "seahorse" villas which have rooms submerged underwater, so guests can sleep in the company of underwater creatures.

Resort facilities will be on St. Petersburg Island, while Sweden Palaces will be featured in Sweden Island. This island will also feature the first climate controlled area, where snow is expected to fall all-year round. More facilities and infrastructure will be built on Switzerland Island and Monaco Island. Construction of "The Heart of Europe" project is expected to bring more tourists to Dubai, making it the top tourist destination for luxury travels.