When asking most office workers what they look forward to after a long year of working hard, many may answer travel or a vacation. These millennials, on the other hand, have gotten wiser, and show us how they quit their jobs, and are earning a living while traveling the world.

1. Andrea Valeria, Studio Photographer - Before working as a freelance travel YouTube sensation in "It's a Travel O.D.", Forbes says that Andrea was living in Hawaii as a full-time photographer. When the time came, she got rid of most of her things, packed the essentials in her carry-on and left. Andrea says that since switching her job, she has been earning the same amount of money (five-figures) work-traveling now as she did back when she had a fulltime job. She does a lot of marketing and social media advising with local hostels in exchange for free accommodation, and is working on growing her Instagram. (READ: The Most Instagramable Places In The World)

2. Jack Morris, Carpet Cleaner and Lauren Bullen, Blogger - The two met in Fiji and recently figured in an issue wherein another Instagram user copied all of their travel pictures, down to the location and detail. Before the entire hubbub, Mirror says that Jack used to be a carpet cleaner, and decided to book a one-way ticket to Bangkok, taking travel snaps of Lauren. Now, the two of them travel the world to places like Greece, Morocco, India, and the Bahamas, and earn a six-figure salary doing so. (READ: The Top Five Travel Cameras For 2016: Your Bestfriend While Traveling)

3. Kelsey Vaughne, Nanny - She and her husband Cameron left their home in Virginia Beach to become digital nomads. The two work on their Instagram account called "The Wanderful Lyfe", where they receive promotional sponsorships and are able to write competent reviews on hotels and attractions, so that destinations and restaurants provide them free services in exchange of a review. (READ: The Most Popular Travel Photographers On Instagram)

4. Arianna Esposito and Rena Ayoubi, Waitress and Bartender Gigs - The two have steadily been travelling through New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Canada and gathering content for their travel blog and social media sites. Initially, the two had to save $12,000 each when they met a travel blogger in a hostel who showed them the way. From there, they started writing freelance for travel sites and getting paid per article. After much success, they moved on to creating their own blog, LandRoamers, where they received business sponsorships and a wide social media presence.