Ubisoft's open world action-adventure themed video game sequel, "Watch Dogs 2" had some in-game problems which were discovered after its release back in the 15th of November. Recently though, a new patch was released to update some of the game's problems.

The new patches for the 1.04 update, as stated by the Daily Star UK, removed the explicit NPC vagina/genitalia and fixed many other glitches and bugs, particularly for the versions played via PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Pro platforms. Unfortunately, most of the fans still think that the update only fixed some minor issues.

One of the main issues, according to GameSpot, the issue about the multiplayer mode of the game being unavailable for the time being is still unresolved. The multiplayer was said to be disabled right before the game's launch because of various major issues.

"Overnight, we are pushing Title Update 1.04 to the live environment to fix a few known issues that have been identified since launch," according to the announcement Ubisoft made. "This patch does not include a fix to the seamless online issue that we are currently focusing on; more info will be available on that soon. Instead, this update does away with a sexually explicit NPC model, fixes a bug with the emote and weapon wheels, and improves performance on the PS4 Pro."

Here are the glitches fixed during the 1.04 Update Patch Notes, as listed below the recent announcement: [XB1/PS4] [Bug / Glitch] Emote Wheel Swap - Bug where emotes and weapon wheel become intermixed is now fixed. [XB1/PS4] [Bug / Glitch] Explicit NPC Model - We've updated one NPC model that was previously explicit. Nudity on other male and female NPCs has not been changed. [XB1/PS4] [Bug / Glitch] Phone App Disappears - Some players encountered a bug causing their phone apps to disappear. The fix will recover the missing apps. [XB1/PS4] [Performance] Graphics / Low FPS / Nudle - Framerate during the "Limp Nudle" mission has been improved. [PS4] [Performance] Graphics / Low FPS / Pro - PS4 Pro performance should be improved with this patch. The Watch Dogs 2 video game can also be played on Microsoft Windows platform, which will be released on the 29th of November.