A few more weeks to go before the release date of the much-awaited action-adventure themed video game "The Last Guardian", developed by genDESIGN and SIE Japan Studios. The game is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and can exclusively be played using the PlayStation 4 platform.

Japanese video game designer Fumito Ueda, also known as the main designer of the upcoming video game, talked about in a recent interview, as stated by Forbes, more details about his latest project and its connection with his other games. Ueda gave more details about the game's main character, Trico, the Last Guardian, which he answered on the PlayStation Blog, saying "Trico is a hybrid of sorts, a mixture of a cat, a dog, a bird, and the like. It might represent a motif. When I was younger, I grew up in a home that had a bunch of animals. My experiences with them are great memories that I still have. In creating Trico, I didn't really have to do any specific research because it's a creature that obviously doesn't exist. But it's really all based on my childhood memories, the way I interacted with the animals, the way they reacted to me."

Ueda was also known for his video games, "Ico" which as released back in 2001 and "Shadow of the Colossus", which was released back in 2005, both for the PlayStation 2 console. Many fans suspect that the two games are connected with Ueda's upcoming game. The video game designer answered, "The way I see it, maybe they are from the same world, or the same universe. But anything further than that is really up to the player's imagination. Everyone has a different level of relationship with the two previous titles, so we wouldn't dictate that it is or it isn't. It's up to the player."

The Last Guardian game was supposed to be released back in 2011 and was made for the PlayStation 3 platform, according to the Inquisitr, which was announced back in 2009 during Sony's E3 event. The game's release was later then pushed in order to make better changes, with the release date being set to December 2016.