The tourism industry is so dynamic that it has spawned so many breeds of travelers. There is a growing lifestyle among professionals which is gaining both popularity and criticism: the so-calle "bleisure" travel, which is basically a business trip mix with leisure. Read on and see how it's supposed to be done. 

Arrange with your hotel for a doable itinerary that could fit in your schedule.These days, hotels have made it possible to integrate bleisure in their offerings such as cultural events, and sightseeing activities. For example, if your business is set in Kuala Lumpur, a feel of the Petronas Towers would be an informative trip. Moreover, a night of music performed by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra at the same area could be a potential networking time.

Learn cultures straight from your business experience. Treat your business trip as a way to appreciate cultures first-hand. For example, a business trip to Tokyo would be an exposure to Meishi Koukan (exchanging of business cards) and Nominication (drinking party among colleagues).

Try to meet up with a college friend or former colleague who might be in the area. Because of hectic schedules, reunions are sometimes impossible to organize. Before heading off to your business destination, ask friends of a possible meet-up. It will be a great get-together of ideas and opportunities.

There is both a thumbs down and a thumbs up response for Bleisure from different people. However challenging it may be, take it from the words of the airline magnate himself, Richard Branson. He said "I don't think of work as work and play as play. It's all living."

Will it be just a whim for you or will you make it happen? Go from business to bleisure!