If the recent US election result shocked you and finally had enough of the all the mess going on, you might have been thinking of migrating to another country.

And what better way to escape it all than by moving to a country which is the opposite of it all--New Zealand, a relaxed and unspoiled place is filled with friendly and welcoming people, beautiful scenery, and a rich culture. 

Ranking close to the top as one of the "Best Places to Live In", New Zealand is a solid choice.

Thinking of moving to New Zealand?

Keep in mind that New Zealand is way different from the US. It may be an English-speaking country, but it's another world altogether. 

The cost of living is at par with the US, though some things are more expensive since they have to be imports. So technically, the way of life in New Zealnd is to reuse, recycle, and exercise an organic lifestyle.

Before you decide to move here. pay a visit first. Take it all in and see if it's really the country for you. Avoid rash decisions since moving to New Zealand--or any place for that matter--can be tricky and pricey.

Things to Comply With

Check if your skills are in demand. New Zealand's job market continues to grow steadily, so if you meet the required skills of certain jobs, you'll most likely get hired.

Research of where you will live and get your finances sorted.

Ensure that you have the right paper work. New Zealand offers 3 visas: working holiday visa (18-30 years old and up to 1 year in NZ), temporary work (over 30 years old and for a set period) and the skilled migrant visa (for longer terms).

Use NZ Ready online planning tool to help you even more with your planned migration.

Retiring in New Zealand

If working is not what you want and simply getting something off your pension is, New Zealand is (sort of) a good place.The quality outdoor lifestyle and rich surroundings are undeniably beautiful. It would be a dream to breathe in the fresh air in New Zealand and have nothing to worry about.

But if you are budget conscious, it may be best to look for other alternatives. First of all, New Zealand doesn't typically offer a permanent retirement visa for Americans. Though they have a temporary retirement visa for those 66 years old and over, it's expensive.

An economic investment of $605, 000 is required and your minimum annual income shouldn't be lower than $48,000.

But other than that, New Zealand could be your new ship. And its green pastures and socially adept politics may be the deal for you.