Many wonder the safety of taking Uber should they take on their services overseas. Taking Uber may not be what customers expect if they take their services outside of their home country.

For one thing, Uber may not have the same regulations abroad as they do in the customers' home countries. Also, the staff of Uber overseas may not quite act as the way the customers were expecting them to be in other countries.

For those planning to use Uber overseas, the following tips would serve useful to customers who are planning to avail of the services of the transportation company:

1. Take the Uber services overseas that have partnered with Alipay.

Alipay is Alibaba's counterpart to competitor Pay Pal, as reported in Vanity Fair. Alipay enables Chinese residents visiting foreign countries to pay for their Uber transportation services easier. Chinese residents using Uber outside their home countries just have to connect their dual currency credit card to their Uber account first to avail of Uber services. Previously, these customers would have had to pay in U.S. dollars for availing of such ride services. Now, though, these customers can pay for the Uber services by just using the money in the local Alipay accounts they had.

2. Take the Uber services overseas that offer Paytm services to Indian residents.

Paytm services will be active this month as reported by Paytm will make the availing of Uber services for Indian residents more secure when they are outside their home countries, just like what Alipay does for China residents when the latter use Uber overseas.

Residents from India would be able to use the local currency of the money in their Paytm account when they avail of Uber services abroad. Hence, they would be able to possibly save money, while being ensured their finances are safe even when they take Uber outside their home countries. 

Paytm is also otherwise known as Paytm Wallet, as reported in