Japan Airlines has recently announced that it will make available Halal Muslim-originated meals on every outbound international flight originating out of Japan. The airline has made Halal meals available for specialized just for Muslim passengers.

Just not too long ago, Japan Airlines has gotten a Halal certification coming from the Japan Islamic Trust, as reported in Breakingtravelnews.com. The airline has gotten this certification for the purpose of the entire processing system of Halal or Muslim menus in flight for all air travels leaving out of Japan.

Japan Airlines has also made all dish utensils that are available in flight for Muslim meals to be disposable, inclusive of Halal certified credentials. The purpose of having these disposable dish utensils is to give the Muslim passengers assurance that the dish utensils are hygienic.

Japan Airlines, though, has recently received an award for demonstrating on time or punctual service, as reported by Flight Stats, Inc. Flight Stats, Inc. is an aviation tracking system. It was the company that gave Japan Airlines the Major International Airlines Punctual Performance Service Award 2015.

Japan Airlines has gotten the on-time arrival rating of 89.44% in praising for the domestic and international flights departures and arrivals for 2015, as reported in Japan Today. Additionally, the airline also was on top of punctual performance flight operations under the Major International Airlines awards category for the fifth time running. These awards have been existing courtesy of Flight Stats as of 2009.

Moreover, Japan Airlines has gotten the award of the most punctual commercial air carrier in the Asia-Pacific major airlines awards category. Japan Airlines has also gotten the world's punctual performance service awards for 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013.

Meanwhile, Japan Airlines has recently contracted with Alaska Airlines for a codeshare and frequent flyer partnership as of June 29, as reported in USA Today.