A handful of Americans are expected to go on air travels this summer. However, the looming problem is that the airports in the country would likely give them a hard time as they travel.

A trade group called Airlines for America made the prediction that U.S. airlines would fly 231 million passengers within June 1st and August 31 1st, as reported in Yahoo Finance. Statistically speaking, this data shows that there is an increase of 2.5 million passengers daily or 95,000 additional passengers in a day if the comparison is made to last year's data.

Cheaper cost of airfares is the cause of increase in the number of airline passengers in the United States. As of 2015's fourth quarter, the usual price of an airline ticket in the United States decreased to $363. This price was the cheapest dating back to 2010, as reported by the Department of Transportation.

Cheaper airline tickets have existed until 2016, all due to cheaper fuel prices. During 2016's first quarter, Airlines for America announced that 10 publicly traded U.S. airlines have had pre-tax revenues of $4.8 billion. These airlines are Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Jet Blue Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, and Virgin America Airlines.

Republican senator from Illinois, Mark Kirk, called on TSA administrator Peter Neffenger to resign from his job if he was unable to improve the long waiting times of passengers in the airport, as reported in US News.

Kirk said in a statement that:

"The flying public is experiencing a high security risk and economic burden from unnecessary wait times and missed flights due to insufficient staffing at TSA. If travelers do not have relief by Memorial Day, TSA Administration Neffenger must resign and be replaced with a leader who can provide fast and secure screening."