Players will now be able to capture cute monsters with an augmented reality GPS enabled game called Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Company collaborated with Nintendo and Niantic, the developer behind the augmented reality location-based game Google Ingress, in order to produce a new mobile game for the monster catching series.

The game aims to incorporate the GPS enabled augmented reality element from Ingress. Pokemon Go is designed for mobile devices where players can capture and train virtual monsters called Pokemon and battle it out or trade them with other players. This is made possible by making the creatures appear in the real world through augmented reality, a live view of the real world where these catchable monsters will appear through the player's phone. The players are also encouraged to travel places in order to look for these cute critters, which is made possible by pinpointing the player's location through GPS.

This makes it quite interesting for most people (especially travelers) since it encourages players to traverse locations they would have otherwise missed in order to capture a certain Pokemon. The Pokemon online mobile game also inspire people to go out more often, especially nowadays where technology indirectly glued people to their seats or beds.

The augmented reality game also makes use of Pokemon Go Plus, a watch-like device which lights up or vibrates whenever a Pokemon is nearby. The device is being developed by Nintendo and it took them around 2 years to complete it.

Pokemon Go will be released as a free-to-play game (with some in-app items or features which can be bought) on 2016 for iOS and Android.

The Pokemon franchise started out as a game which then expanded to other media options such as TV shows, animated movies, toys, merchandise, trading cards and a recently opened Pokemon gym theme park.