April 22, 2024 1:55 AM


‘Pokémon Go’ As Adventure Cornerstone: Travel & Look Back To The Places Related To Catching Pokémon

Last year’s release of the game ‘Pokémon Go’ became a huge wave in the gaming industry. Track back to the places wherein catching Pokémon is so dominant and have worthwhile experience.


'Pokemon' News: South Korea's 7-Eleven Sells Pikachu Themed Lunch Box

Are you a "Pokemon" fan? You will surely love this Pikachu themed lunch box from 7-eleven!


Pokemons Celebrate This Christmas Season In Baguio City, Philippines   

The Baguio Country Club opened its much-awaited Christmas Village this month. Everyone is welcome to witness the magnificent decor and unique display of lights. Since this archipelago never experience snow, the organizers have given its residents a chance to enjoy "white Christmas."


Capture Pokemon in Actual Locations with Pokemon Go

Players will now be able to capture cute monsters with an augmented reality GPS enabled game called Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Company collaborated with Nintendo and Niantic, the developer behind the augmented reality location-based game Google Ingress in order to produce a new mobile game for the monster catching series.


Pokemon Gym Comes to Life in Osaka

Japan has always been creative when it comes to bringing pop culture to life – one of these is the recently opened Pokemon Gym in Osaka, Japan. Pokemon EXPO gym attempts to bring to reality what it feels like to be a Pokemon trainer - catch cute monsters as pets and train them for battle.


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