Slapping the word "Pokémon" to any game has been a result of success to a number of games. It was an obvious outcome from any DS or 3DS title and surprisingly a massive one with 'Pokémon GO." However, "Pokémon Duel" might be one exception to this rule.

Online mobile game news and review site Pocket Gamer, deems the latest mobile game under the same moniker to be a failed attempt in incorporating an extremely famous franchise to a half-hearted game on the go. Contrary to the usual excitement and the eventual meeting of expectations, "Pokémon Duel" could hardly be even considered as a proper mobile game, let alone a working one.

The game, as it is, is similar to a gameplay like "Clash Royale" and this isn't something really exciting for those looking for some unique experience that was clearly evident with Niantic's masterpiece despite having its crazy ups and downs. Forbes even mentions that it feels somewhat like a total ripoff.

Speaking of ripoff, there's a huge amount of non-stop offers, begging players on spending cash to get rares in-game. This isn't usually something to be expected with a game with such a high-profile name, but Duel is a very big exception.

Some may like the idea of a virtual boardgame as virtual card games is a thing for so long now. However, the way the game is played is a bit underwhelming, especially the fact that it strongly relies on RNG. Incorporating it on its core battle mechanic wildly scrambles the chances of either winning or losing despite well-placed pieces.

What currently draws the last straw in "Pokémon Duel" is the connection problem. There have been some reports regarding the ridiculously long response times between tapping something on the menu. Some may grow some love with the game in time, but this isn't something people are getting patient with, especially when it is wasted on idly sitting and having to stare at the screen with nothing happening.