The Japanese have always been creative when it comes to bringing pop culture to life and the recently opened Pokemon gym is but one of them.

Japan has always been haven for those who are fond of animation or gaming because the country has spawned countless theme parks and restaurants taken straight out of popular anime, game or manga. Among these is the popular media franchise Pokemon which started out as a video game in the Game Boy console. Before the arcade attraction was constructed in constructed in Osaka, Japan, the series expanded to other media like trading card games, television shows, movies, comic books and toys. The game revolves around catching cute monsters as pets and then trained to fight other furries or players.

Pokemon EXPO gym attempts to bring to life what it feels to be a Pokemon trainer. The place took its name from the gym where these critters are trained to sharpen their skills (similar to actual gymnasiums). The facility allows visitors to play and battle with virtual pets and against other players. Points from the battle earned inside the facility are connected to the games and apps of the series which means these can be claimed virtually. The gym also offers exclusive content and rare merchandise that the fans might want to check out. The place also offers Pokemon infused refreshments and snacks such as Pika-Juice and Pika-Pop Nuggets.

Not only will the loyal fans of the series enjoy this attraction but it will also be an fun and educational resource for those who are not yet familiar with the series. Attractions are listed as 'edutainment' games which indicates that players get to have fun while discovering the world of Pokemon. Some of these are Charizard's Battle Colosseum, Gardevoir's Control Score, and Boxercise with Macho J.