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Austria's Magical Transforming Green Lake in Limelight!

Travelers Today       By    Din Rose

Updated: Jan 11, 2017 03:56 AM EST

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In Austria, there's a mythical location which morphs into a park during winter and a lake during spring. Its emerald-green waters and picturesque scenery largely entice many tourists every year. Though the mystery surrounding the place may be the real deal about Gruner See or Green Lake, indeed it's a site to behold. More so, learn here when is the best time to visit, and what are the best things to do.

With the new year comes fresh plans, and traveling ideas are definitely included on it. In relation, more vacationers are looking for unfamiliar places and adventures to try. In a report by Weather, it shared top 12 weird lakes; incredibly Gruner See is one of them. Moreover, it's also one of the hottest recommendable places to quench traveling quirks.

According to Business Insider, if you're an avid diver the best time to seek "Austria's Most Magical Transforming Lake-Park" is during mid-May to June. And, if you're a devoted hiker July throughout the year will be good. Accordingly, these months are the suggested time because of the Gruner See's transformation.

For the best things to do on the traveler's visit, Huffington Post suggests a lot. Initially, the spring-time lake makes the most-coveted diving spot so the best way to enjoy is seeing its underwater beauty. While its waters reach its 39 feet maximum, aquatic species like small crabs and trout roam the lower portion of the lake while its flora remains as well. Also, snorkeling, swimming, sailing, fishing and more can also be done.

When the water is down, it's all about enjoying Austria's magical Gruner See Lake. Make sure to stroll around the dry lake; sitting around on the benches and looking around its grassy knolls and bridge are truly relaxing. Lastly, The Karst Mountain tourist spot is also a perfect place to do Heavy Mountain trekking. It is a prime spot for hikers every year.

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