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Breaking Down The World’s Most Punctual Airports & Airlines

Travelers Today       By    Din Rose

Updated: Jan 09, 2017 04:53 AM EST

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In going for a travel and it's inevitable to fly. People often have difficulty on looking for the best transport to book. So, here is the breakdown of which airports and airlines in the world hold the most punctual award. Now, it's not all about service and price, but an on-time schedule is also a good indication that the travel will be excellent.

Recently, Air Travel Intelligence Company "OAG" released the list of which airline and airports performed best for punctuality category. Seemingly, US aviation conquered the transports vehicles while Senior Analyst John Grant also praised its landing areas when it stacks up 11 spots out of 20 world-class competitors.

More so, below is the breakdown of the top contenders. Indeed, CNN helps to determine OAG's most punctual airlines and airports in the world.

To start with, Hawaiian Airline grabs the peak of its kind. The well-awarded company received an 89.87% grade for on-point arrival time. Definitely, its flights are a must-try! They have air destinations from all over the world, from Hawaii's inter-island to Asia Pacific and North America.

Secondly, Alaska Airline manages to snatch the spot from the other top players: Delta Air Lines, Westjet, and Southwest. All the five make the upper part of the ten OAG's world's most punctual airlines.

On the other hand, "OAG" gave a berth on airports sizes in determining the most punctual airports. For the biggest, Indonesia's Surabaya impresses everyone with 90.30% grade which settles its first place. Accordingly, it's the home for a three-storey terminal modern building with premier services and facilities.

Lastly, the remaining world's most punctual airports are Tokyo Haneda, Detroit, and Atlanta. All three are in the major cities; supposedly the Tokyo's been in the second place for some years now. While, the UK is also listed for some of its medium and small performing locations, remarkably Birmingham receives an outstanding 91.28% while Newcastle gets 90.94%.

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