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Aeroflot Russian Airlines Flight Safety Video | Предполетный инструктаж

Russian Airline Bans 400 'Old, Fat And Ugly' Flight Attendants

Enraged cabin crews of Aeroflot, the national carrier of Russia, filed a complaint against the airline company after banning 'old, fat and ugly' stewardess from international flights.


4K - Beautiful Paris City, France Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) and Other Places In Time Lapse

Tourism In Paris Drops By 1.5M Due To Terror Fears

Tourists all over the world are refraining from coming to Paris due to fears on terror attacks, making the tourism of the city drop by 1.5 Million.


Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By Coca-Cola - The Art of Alchemy with Alex Ott at Kola House part of LOCAL presented by Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Brings Back Free Meals on Flights

Aiming to provide better customer service to passengers of domestic and international flights, Delta Air Lines has announced the return of its complimentary meals for selected routes.


The World's Most Dangerous Road

Five Most Dangerous Roads In The World

Do you want to hit the roads? Tourists would like to cruise to find cool sceneries, hidden spots, adventure, and fun. Every year, though, we hear the news stories that the number of people killed on the roads. Mostly, it's the driver's mishaps. But we also have to survey the roads where they travel.


Times Square Actors

Mickey Mouse Is Charging Tourists $310 For A Photo

Mickey Mouse is charging tourists to take photos with him for $310 in what seems to be a scam in Times Square. While Disney is not behind this rip-off, certainly it was 52-year-old, Lester Mengersen, who made headlines three years ago when he clamored that costumed actors are not bad.



Five Of The Best Cameras For Travel Vlogging

Vlogging is seen as the trend today, and more people do video blogging than write off an article that sells. Travel vloggers are besetting up hits and followers on YouTube and take in fantastic revenues from individuals who view their videos.


Mexicans Meet Separated Family Members Through U.S.-Mexico Border Fence In Tijuana

On Trump's Travel Ban: Many Americans Cancel Their Flights to Mexico

On a regular basis, many Americans are travelling in and out of Mexico for business purposes, vacations, or family visits. However, after the travel ban imposed by Trump few weeks ago, some of the Americans cancel their scheduled trips to Mexico.


WORLD'S BIGGEST INFLATABLE: 893FT / 272M Crazy Obstacle Course!

Meet The Beast: World’s Biggest Inflatable Obstacle Course

Do you remember the inflatable bouncer you played, which gives you hours of fun and enjoyment when you were a kid? Now, you can relive those memories when you were a child if you heard of The Beast, the world's biggest inflatable obstacle course for adults.


UK Airport Car Park Prices

UK Parking Rates Skyrocket; Draws Rage Among The Public And Airlines Sector

UK airports are charging travelers double than their usual car park rates when they want their vehicles to stay put on the venue grounds upon vacationing on school breaks and summer peaks. The recent move to increase park charges has angered the public and some airline officials, even calling it outrageous profiteering.


Chicago Begins To Dig Out After Massive Blizzard

Air Canada Gets a Makeover; Changes Color Scheme, Employees Uniform

Air Canada gets a retro innovation as it unveils the airline’s redesigned achromatic-inspired airbuses and improved staff uniforms.


Fuji Rock Festival

Fuji Rock Festival 2017 Lineup Includes Bjork, Aphex Twin, Queens Of The Stone Age

Japan's Fuji Rock Festival for 2017 features a solid line up including fan favorites Bjork and Aphex Twin. Meanwhile, it would be rock act Queens of the Stone Age's first major performance for 2017 -- making great promotion for the band's upcoming album.


Ethiopian Airlines Brand New A350-900XWB Cloud Nine Business Class Flight Review

On Trump’s Travel EO: Ethiopian Airlines Still Does Well Amidst US Immigration Ban

The national flag carrier of Ethiopia is performing excellent financially even with the recent travel ban issued by US President Donald Trump. As their next step, they are eyeing Asia for their expansion.


WANTED: Absolut Vodka Sensory Expert Who Loves To Travel And Drink

WANTED: Absolut Vodka Sensory Expert Who Loves To Travel And Drink

Absolut Vodka is looking for a new Master Sensory Designer and Strategist with a billion dollar nose just like Per Hermansson, their current sensory designer. The job entails sniffing, tasting and traveling around the world to find new spirits to further improve Absolut's 'existing and future product portfolio.'


Rowers dresses with costumes take part in the traditional regatta on the Grand Canal

Five Places To Visit Before They Leave The Earth For Good

They did say nothing lasts forever - and that includes the beautiful spots people enjoyed around the world. These famous destinations are predicted to disappear in a few years' time due to climate change and human-made destructions.


Insects: Our Food Of The Future?

Five Countries That Eat Insects

While many people shudder at the thought of bugs, there are individuals, or nations rather, who relish the idea of eating insects. Humanosphere reports that insects are almost certainly going to be a bigger part of your diet in the future and are healthier, for you and the planet than many, if not most, things Americans eat.


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