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Fire Island Ferry

Want To Do Yoga While Traveling? Here's How

Doing yoga poses while on travel is one of the best way to maximize your energy, unclutter your mind, and keep your spirits high. Here are the top yoga poses that you can do right outside of your yoga gym or even while on vacation.


CBP Demonstrates New App For Expedited Passport Control And Customs Screening

2017's Hottest Travel Trends & Destinations

Make your travel exciting this year through practicing the above travel trends and visiting the hottest destinations.


Low Fare Airlines Offer Flights For Less Than A Dollar

The Most Annoying Type Of People In Flight & How To Deal With Them

Most of the time, there are incidents of unruly behaviors in flight. So, here are the list of these type of people and how to deal with them.


Passport Rules Relaxed In Advance Of Summer Travel Season

Breaking Down American Passport Acquisition and Renewal, Latest Updates Included!

All details needed to know about American Passport Acquisition and renewal are here. More so, all updates regarding "The Real ID Act" in relation to passport system will be included.


Groupon booth at the Coca-Cola Backyard BBQ Launches Mobile Concierge launches a travel concierge through a mobile app, providing the user with one access to all their travel needs.


Brussels - Belgium Daily Life

An Art Lover's Guide To Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, the capital of Belgium is never boring with its part wistful art nouveau, part concrete functionality.


Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year Travel; Hits High Travel Records In 2017

The reason anticipated for the increase of the traveling this holiday is, the ease of attaining visas to most of the destinations. increased airline numbers and low package costs will result in seeing a lot of Chinese in the stated destinations between the end of January to early February.


Key West World Championship Offshore Powerboat Races

Best Resorts In The Florida Keys

Having originated from a small motel in 1967, Pier House is now developed to a small private beach with a beautiful architect of the rooms.


Burmese Monks Fast And Meditate For Cyclone Victims In Myanmar

The World’s Most Generous Countries

The results demonstrate very sharply how a 'poor' country can be a 'rich' one through its generosity, by focusing on giving rather than getting.


Last Weeks Of Summer Embraced At New York's Coney Island

American Travel Predictions For 2017: No More “Staycation”

Americans are more likely to travel this year than in 2016. Find out here what are the trends for US traveling this year.


Qatar Airways Becomes Official Airline Partner Of The CBSO

Qatar Airways Soon To Land In Las Vegas

Las Vegas- the entertainment capital of the world, will soon be reached through Qatar Airways. This is the 11th route map of Qatar Airways in the United States.


Backpackers Explore Australias Top End

Travel Tips: Making Plans Vs. Impromptu Travels

Probably you have started making your day-to-day itinerary months ahead of your trip. A thorough itinerary may help many travelers remain organized, but has both its pros and cons.


Economic Downturn Causes Drop In Champagne Sales

Gik Blue Wine; First Of Its Kind

But what seems like the blue wine is simply a novelty shaking up the Spanish market, the surprising fact that Gïk is currently sold in 25 countries, and there are plans to enter the US market this year.


Zurich Classic of New Orleans - Final Round

Have A Great Time And Fun Experience In Zurich

Zurich is a great place to go plan for it this year and enjoy the food and great adventures.


Bus Industry Receives National Scrutiny After Recent Series Of Accidents

Resolutions That Will Change Travel Industry In 2017

The basic theme of the resolutions is to enhance a peaceful and enjoyable travel for everyone. Sticking to the resolutions means a happy travel to all. Happy traveling in 2017.


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