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Business-Class Airline Free Upgrade Hacks No One Told You About

Travelers Today       By    Din Rose

Updated: Jan 09, 2017 09:56 AM EST

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This was what I did to get upgraded to business class for free. This isn't a "how to" video, only me documenting what worked for me. It was my first time trying to do this and probably my last. Checked off the bucket list and was a lot of fun!
(Photo: SERGI / Youtube)

Definitely, it's a smashing experience to fly business class with just an economy ticket! No extra charges are included to get into this, just simple "Business-Class Airline Free Upgrade Hacks No One Told You About" is needed. Any traveler's vacation will start right with all these, and here are the ways how to do it.

From the economy class' cramp, business' luxury is a dream come true for tourists. Although, there's a wide berth on the price of the two, it's too impractical to spend a fortune just for few hours of self-indulgence. Actually, it's possible now! "It's all a question of supply and demand - but luckily there are still some insider tips which could get you a smoother flight."

According to Popsugar's Alex Matjanec tips, there are three major ways to do the "Business-Class Airline Free Upgrade Hacks No One Told You About." Initially, "travel during the slow time" why? Because unpopulated days means emptier seats and premium seat availability. Apparently, Tuesday-Wednesday-Saturday on dusk and dawn makes the best of this trip.

Secondly, "Book through Airline Websites," this is about making sure never to get a final reservation with travel sites! In essence, just use it for checking and become a loyal customer. Remarkably, the site records the check-ins with it the traveler can get extra discounts. It's also highly recommended to "Fly on Your Birthday," incredibly a special occasion can make way for the most coveted business-class seat.

Moreover, Daily Mail suggests two more the "Business-Class Airline Free Upgrade Hacks No One Told You About." Surprisingly, "Bidding Online" can also secure anyone a premiere seat. Examples of this scheme are "Malaysia Airlines (MHUpgrade), Etihad Airways (PlusGrade) and Cathay Pacific (Enhance). They are the new customer attraction companies have to secure loyalty.

Lastly "Dress Smart," remarkably, check-in counter attendants can offer business class when you look the part and there's an opening on the deluxe plane's portion.

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