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US Dollars At Record High? Go To Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Now!

Travelers Today       By    Din Rose

Updated: Jan 10, 2017 03:55 AM EST

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At the moment, US dollars is at its peak, accordingly travel experts recommend everyone to seize it. Apparently, Mexico is the best option with all the excellent tourists' destination this 2017, especially Puerto Vallarta. In here will a list of the most exciting hotels, restaurants, and activities in Latin America's most progressive place.

According to Yahoo Finance, Trump's election largely toppled Mexican peso, his Free Trade Agreement overhauling pulled dollars 20% higher in comparison to Mexico's money today. Undoubtedly, it affects the country's economy which travelers should take advantage. Supposedly, extra funds will come out of it as the exchange rate is in favor of US dollars.

Currently, Mexico's Puerto Vallarta is the subject of praise from vacationers. Even NY Times and Cosmopolitan reserved news about it and all the things to do in the area.

Accordingly, the first suggests a "36 hours" weekend getaway.From affordable to luxurious resorts, the place is a hub of excellent beaches and all boasts amazing coastline shops, restaurants, and bars. Even Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton is heard to love them, also it's not only the Hollywood star that enjoys being in "PV". Apparently, Vallarta is one of the most-LGBT sites.

Whereas the last report highlights the perfect hotel, restaurant, and feats in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with US dollars advantages, each will surely bring tourists back for more. To list down, Casa Velas and La Liquida are the crowds' accommodation while Mi Ranchito and Ocean Hub are the foodie to-die-for restaurants.

Lastly, Snorkeling, sunbathing, strolling, shopping, hiking, and boat riding are the most common feats in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Although, taking a picnic, visiting museums, picture taking, and waterfalls hunting are also a growing attraction. In short, there's really no shortage of fun in this tourist area. Anyone can really have a good time with all the fun things to see and enjoy.

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