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Why Do Celebrities Choose Airbnb For Vacation?

Travelers Today       By    Din Rose

Updated: Jan 10, 2017 03:54 AM EST

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Airbnb Open LA - Day 2
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 18: Former Lord Mayor & Urban Futurist, city2050, Stephen Yarwood speaks onstage during Welcome Home: How Hospitality Can Provide Shelter, Revive Communities, and Make the World a Better Place at The Los Angeles Theatre during Airbnb Open LA - Day 2 on November 18, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Airbnb)

Recently, the outrageous home-stay rentals of Hollywood stars shocked many! Seemingly, some big names like "Calling for Love" diva Mariah Carey and "Love Yourself" singer Justin Bieber spends thousands of dollars for a night, and they got Airbnb for it! Now, the famous booking site will put into microscope why indeed it easily became celebrities' partner in vacationing.

With regards to Airbnb, it's a peer-to-peer online site where anyone can choose an either extravagant or affordable homestay. Notably, the lodging happens when the property owner and the guests reach price agreement for neither short nor long rental.

Days ago, Daily Mail just revealed a number of celebrities using Airbnb. Remarkably, Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey top the list. Where did he stay? In a mansion! It's an "ostentatious" $10000 worth of place with an air of Disney palace and Las Vegas Casino. While Carey is reported to be on the same level of home rental expenses, she with her family just had a white Christmas on Aspen with a $10199 worth snow lodge.

Now, they are only two of the Hollywood A-listers to reach on Airbnb for a good place to stay. Although, people may wonder what's up with the booking site also if ordinary people can also book on it. In Airbnb official website, it says "home, experiences, and places in one app. The mission of the rental application is to bring people a place where they can get an experience like they belong exactly to the place.

Technically, it's what the celebrities want a little more privacy. They can easily book a nice place they want, they experience its splendor, and they do it exclusively. Surely, a nice silent R & R makes it their favorite!

Lastly, ordinary people can also use it! There's no discrimination to which the reservations will be given. Moreover, its diverse booking locations are also an added plus for it. Over the years, it easily caught the attention of many for its convenience.

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