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'The Last Guardian': After Nine Years Of Waiting, The PS4 Action-Adventure Game Finally Launches

Travelers Today       By    Eliel Daang

Updated: Nov 29, 2016 05:06 AM EST

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The Last Guardian, Trico, Ico

"The Last Guardian" is an upcoming action-adventure video game with puzzle elements that is set to launch in December 2016 for the Playstation 4 console. The game is akin to its previous installments that resembles similar thematic and visual styles.

"The Last Guardian" revolves around a boy who makes a friend of an enormous half-bird creature with mammalian features known as Trico. The two started their journey battling and evading guards allowing the way. Trico is managed just like any other animals that require attention, feeding, leaping and escaping from other enemies.

The story begins with an older man trying to tell a flashback story by reminiscing about his past experiences as a boy and how he met a gigantic bird-looking Griffin name Trico. He tells the story on how he was kindapped by a mysterious force and how he was taken to the castle. Then, escapes in captivity together and ends up meeting Trico chained in a cage and stabbed with spears.

The boy manages to free the feathered creature and under the boy's guidance, Trico and he became good friends. In other words, "The Last Guardian" is all about the boy and Trico, and how they develop their friendship against overwhelming odds. With the launch of the "The Last Guardian" is just around the corner, the latest introductory trailer was released just several days ago. The trailer shows a lovely friendship between the main protagonist and Trico and features the gameplay, according to Forbes.

The latest gameplay trailer is estimated to be around 8 minutes long, which highlighted the stunning visuals, enthralling music and captivating landscapes that "The Last Guardian" has to offer, according to newseverydayThe game is about to launch next month, December 2016, is available only for the Playstation 4 platform. Check out the gorgeous eight-minute gameplay trailer below!

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