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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' News: Nintendo Publishes Game With Glitch Affecting Cheaters

Travelers Today       By    John Almirante

Updated: Nov 29, 2016 01:40 AM EST

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Player Battling Olivia Of The Elite Four In Pokemon Sun And Moon, Which Had Reports Of A Save Glitch
The save glitch reportedly affecting Pokemon Sun and Moon actually was a result of cheaters who were using a save editor.
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A specific group of players may lose their progress in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon due to the corruption of their saves from a save glitch. Lost save files have been reported by a some players but the only ones affected are those who attempt to cheat using a save editor.

Players who are currently having fun with Pokemon Sun and Moon, which is published by Zelda: Breath of the Wind publisher Nintendo, may be concerned about news regarding a save glitch that corrupts save game files, causing players to lose their saves and their progress. Some websites have advised not to save at the Battle Tree location or even at any Pokemon Center.

Ordinary Pokemon Sun and Moon players need not worry. Only players that have used a save editor to attempt to cheat are affected by the save glitch. Previously, there were reports from some players that Pokemon Sun and Moon, published by Nintendo which also published Mario Kart, were reduced to being unplayable by a critical bug. Saving at Pokemon Centers or the Battle Tree location would corrupt a players save file, reported some players online.

This meant that all of the time and effort to evolve players' Pokemon had been wasted. Players started to complain that the Pokemon Sun and Moon bug corrupted their progress entirely, effectively forcing them to be restarted from scratch. This was due to the resulting unresponsive state that after players save at a handful of places then reload the game, their characters were gone.

According to technology news website Engadget, the actual culprit for the save glitch bug turns out to be an illicit unauthorized utility program. Players who reported the save glitch bug did not come forward with their use of a program called PkHex. Gaming website IGN repoted that the PkHex tool helps players manipulate the game by editing save files. PkHex alows players to change their Pokemon teams, encounter rates, and locations.

According to the gaming website Polygon, the developer of the tool, someone going by the name Kurt, said that the glitch was a known issue with an earlier version of PkHex, which had already been patched when the save glitch was being reported. Players who play without using PkHex or any other cheats or hacks, are not affected by the save glitch.

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