June 19, 2024 8:56 AM


Disney World Bans Marijuana Use

Disney World revised their 'Prohibited Items' list on their website and specifically included Marijuana under illegal substances.


What Is It Like To Travel In A Country That Legalized Weed

There was a time in history when traveling to Amsterdam was a dream for many young individuals so that they could get the taste of the life where weed has been legalized for recreational use. Now, decades later, more and more countries have experimented on finally legalizing the use of Marijuana. So, what is it like to travel to a country where weed has been legalized?


A New Breed of Mile High-ers

With changing laws regarding possession of marijuana in Colorado and Washington in effect, airports are figuring out ways to dissuade passengers from taking their goods on board, while passengers are figuring out the regulations which can vary from airport to airport.


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