In Washington, you can now order pot as easily as pizza, and have it delivered straight to the door. 

While shops in Colorado began selling selling recreational marijuana at the start of the year, similar places in Washington, the only other state where recreational pot is approved, won't start selling recreational weed until about the summer.  Good news, though, because businesses like the Winterlife Cooperative Cannabis Delivery Service are filling the void.  

Anyone over 21 in the greater Seattle area can call up and choose from a daily menu of pot, which will then be delivered to your door.  Prices run about $80 for a quarter-ounce and only cash is accepted at this time.  Confirm your order and you'll have weed within 45 minutes.  

This is all fine and well, you may think, but as if ordering weed isn't weird enough, you must address employees by their critter names.  Yeah, seriously.  Employees are known by names like 'Wombat', 'Otter', etc.  Seems pretty standard for the kind of guys who are into weed, though. 

If you're a marijuana newbie, fear not.  For $350, you can order the starter kit, which includes the most popular strains of weed, as well as a handy pipe. 

However, Seattle police spokesmen have said this service is most definitely not legal, but he doesn't expect the law to take any action.  

"Like anything else, our department takes all complaints and dedicates our resources in a way that makes sense and is going to be most impactful  We will probably not take any action on this." 

This may be because the legalisation of recreational marijuana is currently in an in-between stage, due to be legalised sometime near the summer.