On Walt Disney's World revised list of prohibited items, a slight revision has somewhat caused a controversy among netizens. In their "prohibited items" list that was posted on their website, it appears that all forms of marijuana are included as well.

This means that no guest of all properties of Disney World -- parks and resorts included -- may bring the substance in their midst. Even though Marijuana has been legalized in Florida, it seems that Disney World isn't fazed.

"Although some states have legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, marijuana remains illegal under federal law," a Disney spokesperson said in a statement through Travel Pulse. "We are revising our rules to clarify that marijuana is not permitted on our property."

Some netizens are reacting strongly towards the issue since some members of the public use marijuana for medicinal purposes. One of the attorneys who fought for the passing of Amendment 2, Attorney Matt Morgan, addressed the issue explicitly, according to WFLA News.

He said that all business and private companies in the state must evolve and adapt their rules to fairly accommodate the public regarding Marijuana use. He also understands Disney's decision but the point of searching people's personal belongings for any form of Marijuana paraphernalia is extreme.

"So for instance, if someone has a vaporizing pen in their purse, what makes that different than a pill of Oxycontin in their purse, and should people be treated differently? That's up to Disney to decide," he said.

Use of illegal substances such as drugs and alcohol have long been included in Disney World's prohibited items, as well as other harmful and disruptive items. Marijuana being included on the list despite its medicinal legality in the state would be a problem for guests who are medically required to take the substance, as the rule didn't specify any exceptions.