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Start Your 2017 At These Great Meditation Retreats

A great way to start 2017 is to connect with your inner self and find peace of mind by traveling to any of these great meditation retreats.


NYMag, The Cut, SK-II and Core:Club Host A Wellness Morning

Best Wellness Retreats For Your Physical & Mental Well Being

Resolving a family drama may be an issue, but clearing your mind is never an issue. Pay a visit to any retreat that suits you and enjoy a new year with a clear head.


We Care Spa Offers Holistic Pampering To Desert Guests

Top 5 Wellness Retreat Center That People Can Go To Help Start 2017 Fresh And With A Clear Mind

As 2016 comes to an end, it's important to start 2017 fresh and with a clear mind, and these wellness retreat center can help with that.



The Best Health Retreats In Sri Lanka: 5 Places Of Healing

Because of its verdure and traditional surroundings, Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is said to be the sanctuary for reviving one’s body and spirit. It provides the perfect scene to those who would like to take the time off from their active lifestyle. Get yourself a fragment of this country and treat yourself to these 5 amazing fountains of peace and wellness.



Best Places for Meditation Retreats

Heading out on a vacation? Consider having a meditaiton retreat. Rejuvinate yourself. Check this places out.


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