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Five Fun Facts About Airplanes, Airports, And Flying You Would Surely Want To Know

There is indeed so much more about airplanes and airports we ought to know, here are five fun facts about airplanes, airports, and flying to keep in mind on your next flight.


Disneyland To Maximize Security Checkpoint Zone To Downtown Disney Complex

Disneyland is relocating one of its main security checkpoints outside the entrance to Downtown Disney. The resort will move its west side checkpoint to put almost all of Downtown Disney inside the secured zone, the Orange County Register reports.


The Dangers Of Changes In Daylight Saving Time, Real Unfortunate Cases And Measures On How You Can Stay Safe

Some people might be enjoying their extra hour of sleep at this time of the year. But then people might as well spend an extra amount of time thinking of their safety on the road as more people are said to be killed by this time of the year. More pedestrians are killed by cars during daylight saving time changes than at any other time of year, according to data from experts nationwide.


Stargaze Alert! The Draconid Meteor Shower

The Draconid Meteor Shower will appear across most of the continental United States, particularly in places with less light pollution, from nightfall Friday evening and will last until October 8.


Why October Is The Best Month to Buy Travel Deals

Having an ultimate but pragmatic approach for rest and recreation is a big tap on the back for travelers who would like to spend vacation outside of their usual mall and bar hang outs. If you are looking for great deals , October is a perfect time to take advantage of off-peak travel deals in Europe and the Caribbean.


Where to Travel This October

It is never too late to go for a vacation or adventure. Give yourself reasons to travel this month.


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