As autumn starts to kick in, check out these activities you can do to make the most of out the month. From exploring your neighbourhood or going on an adventure to staying at home and trying a new hobby, there are a lot of things you can do this October.

Try Something New: If you plan to stay at home, try gardening or rethinking your space. By this time, piles of leaves would be all over your front or backyard. Instead of throwing them away, try to make use of them by making leaf composts you can turn to leaf mould later on. You can also use the season as inspiration to replace your bright and sunny curtains and summer decor with more warm and cosy earth tones.

Explore the Neighbourhood: A lot of local festivities take place in October. One of which is the Melbourne Festival considered as Australia's celebration of culture from across the globe. The festival showcases art, music, dance, film and theatre from all over the world. You can go on a road trip with family and friends to Hunter Valley in Sydney for some wine tasting. Enjoy the scenery of flourishing farmland while you make your way to sample up to 30 premium wines from their vineyards, along with other products like handmade chocolate and cheese.

Go on an Adventure: If you feel like going on a vacation, try heading to Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania, for their Shocktoberfest and enjoy their screaming theme park. Be mesmerized and scared at the same time of their Zombie World and other haunted attractions. If this is not your cup of tea, October is also the music festival month in some countries. For teens and yuppies, this is the perfect way to celebrate their youth and go on a trip with friends. Take your pick from Austin City Limits 2015 in Texas for 3 days of pure music entertainment or the  Movement Festival Europe 2015 in Italy, which takes place towards the end of the month.