Disneyland is relocating one of its main security checkpoints outside the entrance to Downtown Disney. The resort will move its west side checkpoint to put almost all of Downtown Disney inside the secured zone, the Orange County Register reports. Currently, Disneyland has two main checkpoints, one on either side of the esplanade separating the two theme parks. The eastside checkpoint, the one nearest Harbor Blvd., will remain in place for now, though it eventually will move east of Harbor, once Disneyland completes its next parking garage.

According to themeparkinsider.com, this should help reduce the wait times at the checkpoints later in the day, especially when the after-work and after-school crowds of annual passholders descent upon the parks. Since the tram drop-off is located within what will be the newly expanded secure zone, Disney will create a new checkpoint at the tram loading area outside the Mickey and Friends parking structure.

But assuming Disneyland does that, people entering Disneyland from the west will go through one of five checkpoints, instead of the current one: at Mickey and Friends for people parking there and riding the tram, on the access walkway for people walking from Mickey and Friends, one at the ESPN Zone for people in the Downtown Disney parking lot, another at ESPN for people walking over from the Disneyland Hotel, and one at the Grand California. (That's in addition to the current checkpoint at the Grand Californian for people entering Disney California Adventure.) The change also would bring the Downtown Disney monorail station inside the secure zone, so there would no longer need to be a bag check there.

Foxnews.com also says that the increased security comes amid a separate incident at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In October, two guests who tried to carry guns into Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom were arrested and charged with carrying concealed firearms. Disney bans guns from all of its park properties, and even guests with weapons permits can face trespassing charge.