May 19, 2024 11:46 PM


Yes, Landlocked States Have Beaches, Too: Here Are Some Of The Best Ones

Think people can only go to a beach if they live near the coast? Check out these amazing beaches in landlocked states which will leave beach lovers craving for an adventure. Just don’t forget to bring sunscreen.


LOOK: An Extremely Rare Rainbow Lake Just Appeared In Australia

Tourists and photographers all around the world are captivated by the amazing sight of Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre. Situated in South Australia’s Outback, the dry salty basin transforms into a water oasis due to floodwater.


Five Wonderful Lakes In The Philippines Travelers Dream Of Visiting

The Philiipines have many beautiful lakes. Here are some of the beautiful lakes in the Philippines that will leave you awe struck.


Denmark Tourist Gets Seriously Injured After 'Body-Slamming' Scary Crocodile In Australia [WATCH VIDEO!]

He was walking along Lakeview Drive just outside of Kununurra at almost 9pm when he saw something floating in the water. Curious of what he has seen, he wanted to get a closer look to get a good photo. It was dark and when he leans closer to the bank he fell and body-slammed the alligator.


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