Stretching close to 90 miles by 48 miles, the Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre is one of the most mind-boggling natural wonders there is.

Located in South Australia's Outback, a rare flood has transformed what used to be a waterless salty basin into a picturesque water oasis which sports a beautiful spectrum of colors from bright white, rose pink, to aquamarine.

Multi-Colored Lake

The desert lake is the lowest point in the Australian continent. Water floods the desert lake every three to 10 years. Because the salt dilutes water, algae grows in the area, which is responsible for the multi-colored vibrant hue.

The algae lie dormant when the water dries up and the salt levels increase. However, it springs back up to paint the lake like a watercolor artwork when the water comes. The country's biggest lake only completely fills up a few times every 160 years or so.

The heavy tropical rains in Queensland over two months ago made it 621 miles across the Australian outback which flooded the lake this year.

Tourism In The Area

Since then, photographers and tourists have been coming in droves to the lake not only to take incredible photographs, but also to witness the amazing sight. Nobody knows how long the lake will remain flooded. This is why for many people, witnessing it could be a once in a lifetime experience.

In an interview, William Creek publican Trevor Wright said that the water has given a substantial environmental benefits and would definitely increase the pastoral and tourism industries in the area.

He added that although he has lived in South Australia's outback for almost three decades, he could not recall seeing the magnificent lake being filled so late in the year. According to Wright, he thinks the sight is quirky.

The lake sits 15 meters below sea level. When it's full, it has the same level of saltiness as the ocean. However, when the water evaporates, it turns to a large expanse of salt plains.

Many wildlife including pelicans can be seen dotting the vibrant water. For people who want to see an amazing aerial view of the lake, they can join unique tours by Wrightsair and Chinta Air Tours.

Due to the lake's gargantuan size, it is so easy to clock up several of hours of flying time while just barely seeing its sides. Additionally, seeing the white salt plains turn into a nice shade of pink that merges into the dry red earth of the South Australian Outback is a sight to behold.