As a country with many bodies of water, the Philippines is blessed with lakes, rivers oceans and beaches. As one of the Asian countries visited by many foreigners and travelers, the Philippines truly have many beautiful tourist spots.

The Philippines also have beautiful lakes that are peaceful and breath taking. These lakes are visited by many travelers hoping to get a glimpse of real nature and adventure. Tourist Spots Finder and Way PH listed down some of the best lakes travelers can visit in the Philippines.

1. Taal Crater Lake- Known as one of the famous lakes in the Philippines, the Taal Crater Lake is truly awe striking. This lake is along the craters of the famous Taal volcano created by history of eruptions.

2. Lake Sebu- In a place a little far from the city, the Lake Sebu is popular among foreign and even local travelers. Located in South Cotabato, Lake Sebu is famous along with its 7 falls. Seeing the 7 falls through riding the zipline and riding a boat while cruising in the lake is surely a peaceful and serene experience.

3. Kayangan Lake- Surrounded by mountains and green forests, the Kayangan Lake is one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines. The waters of the lake is said to be the cleanest among all others in the country. With 70 percent fresh water and 30 percent salt water, the lake is indeed beautiful and all natural.

4. Barracuda Lake- As one of the best diving sites in the Philippines, the Barracuda Lake is indeed a wonderful site. Having crystal clear and fresh waters, divers surely enjoy coming to this lake despite the rough road they encounter going to the lake.

5. Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake- Known as the deepest lake in the Philippines, the Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake is best for tourists who loves to take pictures of the wonders of nature. The lake came about after the eruption of the Pinatubo volcano. The said lake is not fit for swimming but just looking at the magnificent view makes visiting the place all worth it.