February 26, 2024 1:27 PM


KitKat Sushi Is Real, Give Yourself A Break With Egg, Sea Urchin and Tuna

Have you heard of that hoax when the country releases an April Fool's joke on Sushi Kitkats? Well, it seemed like they're real, after all, Japan is known for its oddness, even if it comes in the form of food.


Find Out How The US & Japan Create KitKat Chocolate Hype Around The World

US and Japan take the world by storm of Kitkat traditions! Savor 300 Japanese offbeat flavors and the newest American Red Velvet minis.


Have a Gold-Leaf Covered KitKat

A luxurious limited edition of KitKat bar is set to debut in Japan late next month, adding to the list of more than 200 varieties of the chocolate wafer snack available in the area.


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