June 17, 2024 10:36 AM


Hong Kong Shopping Festival 2017: Things You Need To Know

Hong Kong, the shopping center of Asia, wiil hold it's shopping festival this July to August. Find out the essential things you need to know before going there.


Five Fun Facts About Airplanes, Airports, And Flying You Would Surely Want To Know

There is indeed so much more about airplanes and airports we ought to know, here are five fun facts about airplanes, airports, and flying to keep in mind on your next flight.


London Airport-- Heathrow Constantly Receiving Thousands Of Noise Complaints

Heathrow Airport received more than 25,000 noise complaints in just three months over the summer. A spokesperson for Heathrow said it knew that 2,128 people made the 25,200 complaints, but that 10 people made 48.86 percent of those.


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