Heathrow Airport received more than 25,000 noise complaints in just three months over the summer - but around half were made by the same 10 people.

Stuff.co.nz says that London's Heathrow Airport released a report this week, showing that they received about 274 complaints a day between July and September.

A spokesperson for Heathrow said it knew that 2,128 people made the 25,200 complaints, but that 10 people made 48.86 percent of those.

The data comes on the back of the announcement that the London airport would be getting a third runway.

The airport is the target of a number of campaign groups opposed to expansion.

According to www.telegraph.co.uk, in January last year the airport unearthed a scheme whereby campaigners were using automated software to generate complaints against the airport. Officials caught out the set-up when the two anti-Heathrow enthusiasts forgot to take into account the hour going back in October, and began complaining about flights that had not yet taken off or arrived.

"With half the village demolished and the rest up against the Heathrow fence, with the third runway I doubt I'll be able to open my front door without ear defenders," Justine Bayley, part of the Stop Heathrow Expansion Campaign, said.

The British government gave the go-ahead on Wednesday to build a new runway despite concerns about air pollution, noise and the destruction of hundreds of homes in the English capital's densely populated western neighbourhoods.

A spokesperson for Heathrow said: "Heathrow's plans for expansion will ensure fewer people are impacted by aircraft noise, offer more predictable respite than we can now and a world-class noise insulation scheme.

John Stewart, chairman of the Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (Hacan), told the BBC that he expected complaints to rise should a third runway be built.

"The biggest thing that Heathrow could do to reduce complaints would be to give more communities a break from the noise during the day by varying the flight paths," he said.