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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Be Traveling During The Winter Season

Most people would not want to travel during the cold days of the winter season. Many of us would prefer to stay at home and relax by the fire, away from the blistering cold. Here is a list of five reasons why you should go on a vacation during the holiday season.


Finland, Qatar, UAE Top World's Safest Cities; UK, Less Safe Than Rwanda, Saudi Arabia

Global heavyweights such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America fared poorly, lagging at 63rd, and 73rd place, respectively. According to The Telegraph, this puts them below countries such as Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, and Rwanda.


Jellycat The Toy Rabbit Gets VIP Treatment

Jellycat the toy rabbit becomes Internet hit after being left behind by owner at five-star hotel and pampered by staff, who documents its luxurious solo stay on social media.


Climate Change Seen as Reason for Storm Desmond Extreme Flooding

Climate change was partly attributed to the violent rain and flood by Storm Desmond which caused destruction in many parts of Scotland, Ireland and The Lake Disctrict. Climate change increased the chances of Storm Desmond flooding the affected areas up to 40%, according to research made by experts from Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and Oxford University.


Off the Beaten Path: The Hidden Ireland

When most people think of Ireland they think of the great castles and pubs in every town. While those can be great, there is much more that Ireland has to offer. There are many wonderful natural creations and gardens that lay preserved in the Irish countryside. They are part of what gives the Irish moors the eerie and mysterious feeling we think of.


Mysterious Irish Castles

Ireland, the Emerald land, called so because of the vibrant green fields and moors evokes feelings of eeriness and awe. Whether it's the hallowing wind in the moors or the dark rainy skies, a visit to Ireland is rather mystical. Within the countryside are castles and manor houses tucked away with their own private stories to tell.


4 Cheap Countries in Europe You Need to Visit Now

It’s 2014 and what better way to start the first half of the year than traveling. Europe is one of the world’s top destinations, boasting of extremely diverse and unforgettable experiences that make for a truly privileged vacation.


4 Useful Facts to Survive Your First Trip to Ireland

Ireland is one of the most lovable cities in Europe. Beyond the pubs and the green festivities, it’s one place that a lot of tourists have fallen in love with it that they packed their bags and decided to move to Ireland.


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