Ireland is one of the most lovable cities in Europe. Beyond the pubs and the green festivities, it's one place that a lot of tourists have fallen in love with it that they packed their bags and decided to move to Ireland.

If tourist find themselves marking the city as their next destination, then consider reading the following useful facts before visiting Ireland.

1. Plan your days carefully.

Sundays in Ireland are unlike the Sundays one experiences in other countries. In fact, travelers need to carefully schedule this day since most businesses only open by 2PM. Some museums are usually closed on a Monday as well and Tuesday after their Bank Holiday Monday, banks are also closed.

It pays to do advanced research so an effective itinerary can be set into place.

2. Know where NOT to drink.

Ireland calls for major celebrations and almost daily pub festivities but travelers who are looking into getting sloshed in the city should be aware of certain drinking laws governing places where it's NOT allowed to drink.

Never drink along sidewalks, on beaches, public parks and enclosed working spaces. Moreover, remember that the drinking age should be 18 years and above.

3. Don't pull off a fake accent.

Irish accent is undeniably delightful but it doesn't mean tourists can easily pass off judgment and mock locals by faking one.

People of Ireland take offense and a huge amount of irritation against those who try to feel as if they are natives of the city. The best way is to respect the locals, as they are the best company to have while in town.

4. Rounds in a pub are highly recommended.

There's nothing better than having the time of one's life in a local pub, drinking with the natives of the city in all their drunken glory. One thing travelers need to keep in mind though, is the basic etiquette of buying rounds.

If there are four of you in the pub, person A gets the first round, person B gets the second and so forth. This way, locals won't find you an unforgivably stingy tourist.