May 24, 2024 11:45 AM


Who Would Do This? Food On Ipads Not Plates In This San Francisco Restaurant

Before anyone bolts out of the room calling it unhealthy and bizarre, the chef explained that there is a cover on top of the iPad before inserting it into a box.


Top Five Innovative Travel Gear of 2016 You Should Check Out

Besides the usual suggestions such as a light, but functional laptop like the Apple Macbook Air, all-purpose sandals by Havaianas, and even the very useful, but very unflattering cargo shorts, many start-ups and businesses have gone out of the box to think of new products travelers can use.


Hide Default Apps In iPhone Using This Simple Trick

There is a hack to keep these default apps away from view, and a video on how it's done is uploaded by a certain videosdebarraquito.


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