For some people, especially if you're a minimalist, it feels good to see less apps on the screen of your iPhone. This allows for more 'breathing space' on your screen, plus you can have a better view of your wallpaper (most likely, a selfie). However, there exists the so-called 'locked' apps that cannot be removed or uninstalled. Annoyingly, these programs cannot be deleted because they are crucial to the phone's system.

There is a hack to keep these default apps away from view, and a video on how it's done is uploaded by a certain videosdebarraquito. The video was uploaded last Jan. 2 and has about half a million views as of this writing.

As shown in the video, the key is to drag the application that you intend to hide away from a newly created folder and then tap the Home button. Of course, it's not necessary to rename the folder 'Disappear' and you may opt not to name the folder at all.

The apps removed this way do not get uninstalled and are merely hidden. In order to view these apps, simply look for the app in the Spotlight Search and it will come back on the last page of the screen once the phone is restarted. The trick has been tested and is proven to work on iPad and iOS 9 to 9.2. Using this hack does not affect the phone's performance or settings. Just remember to simply reboot your phone if you want an app back.

Unfortunately, the hack only works if you have the grey background that means it won't work if you're currently using a different wallpaper. Since the hidden apps are not entirely uninstalled, they will still consume resources from the phone's storage. This is more of an accidental bug than a hidden functionality.