Rumors has it that a brave challenger is about to face the dominance of Apple's iPad. Seemingly, Microsoft will finally have a major contender in the tablet wars currently conquered by Samsung and Apple as it prepares for the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 might be the best chance for Microsoft to win over the race.

The tab device, which will serve as the successor to last year's Surface Pro 4, could be a much needed enhancement to Microsoft as it ventures more into the mobile world.

According to HNGN, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is the first Microsoft tab device to implement the USB-C standards, known for its lightning speed in data transfer and charging.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is also aiming to improve on its predecessor's already great camera.

It also looks like one of Microsoft's end goals with Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is to take Apple down a few steps down, the Verge reported.

PC Advisor has provided reports on spec rumors and updates of Surface Pro 5. Accordingly, there are a few rumors circulating.

One of the updates is that the Surface Pen, the stylus bundled with Surface Pro tablets, will be updated so that it contains a rechargeable battery that charges wirelessly when magnetically attached to the tablet.

Currently, Surface Pen attaches magnetically but is not rechargeable as it takes an alkaline AAAA battery:

Another believed update is that the Pro 5 will have the latest generation of Intel processor.

It is purported to be the sixth-generation Skylake chip, but other rumors suggest that it will be the following generation, codenamed Kaby Lake.

One other candidate for an upgrade is the USB port. The Surface Pro 5 could be the first in the range to get a USB-C port rather than the USB 3.0 port on the Pro 4.

The upgrades on cameras will certainly not be left behind as well as the latest versions of Wi-Fi (optimistically with MU-MIMO support) and Bluetooth.