July 12, 2024 8:31 AM


The Philadelphia History Museum Might Be Closing For Good

Home to the rich past of the city, the Philadelphia History Museum is set to close down after Temple University pulled out from its partnership. The museum cannot maintain its operation during public visiting hours, and its future is uncertain.


What's In A Name? Learn About The Legend Behind The Names Of These Five Places

What's in a name that which Shakespeare will call it a rose? Voyagers and locals have begun calling their places and countries out of legends and myths throughout generations. Here are five countries and places and the interesting story behind their names.


India’s Ancient Engineering Marvel

Thus the step wells are important features as far as tourism is concerned, and should be given special attention by the Indian government so as to utilize these marvelous architectural designs as well as possible to bring income to the government.


Five Museums Around The World That Will Amaze You Of Their Art Exhibitions

These are some of the museums around the world that are rated to be the best. Visitors are truly amazed once they enter these museums.


900-Year-Old Coded Viking Message Reveal Vikings Were Cute And Playful

For the past few years researchers have been trying to work out a coded messaged, believed to be Viking, carved on a piece of wood over 900 years ago.


Anne Frank's Marbles And Toys Found With Old Friend: "These remind us that she was just a little girl."

Shortly before Anne Frank went into hiding from the Nazis, she gave some of her belongings to a non-Jewish friend who lived next door.


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