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Underwater Stone Age Atlantis Discovered: 11,000 Year-Old Settlement Discovered Under The Baltic Sea

Travelers Today       By    Ashley Sneddon

Updated: Feb 18, 2014 02:43 PM EST

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Divers in Sweden have discovered a collection of Stone Age artifacts buried beneath the Baltic Sea. 

Archaeologists believe the relics were left by Swedish nomads over 11,000 years ago, and the discovery may be the oldest ever found in the Nordic region.  The find has been dubbed 'Sweden's Atlantis', after the relics were found in amazing preserved condition.  At this point, there is speculation that the settlement was swallowed by the sea, in much the same way as the myth of Atlantis.  

Atlantis, as recorded by Greek philosopher Plato, was an island that was swallowed by the sea overnight.  Atlantis has never been found.  

The artifacts were discovered by Professor Bjorn Nilsson from Soderton University, and a team from Lundis University, during a dive at Hano, Sweden. 

The team found wood, flint tools, animal horns and ropes, as well as a harpoon carving from animal bone and the bones of an ancient animal known as 'aurochs', which were much like cattle and became extinct in the 1600s.  The items have been perfectly preserved because of a high amount of a sediment called 'gyttja', which is formed from peat. 

This points to the settlement being near water, as if it had been on dry land, they would not have the organic materials preserved so beautifully.  

The archaeologists are now excited to see if they can find a burial site anywhere nearby.

Nilsson was quick to say there was no comparison to Atlantis, however, as these Swedes would have moved from place-to-place.  The settlement is highly likely to have been a temporary encampment, or hunting site. 

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