September 28, 2023 1:52 PM

griffith park

Travelers Will Now Find It More Difficult To Visit The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign in Griffith Park is one of the most iconic destinations travelers would go, with 10 million foreign and domestic tourists visiting the site each year. However, people who lived near the hills aren't too happy with the increasing number of guests that they've decided to close Beachwood Drive as a means for tourists to access the trail to the Hollywood sign.


Experience The Different Locations in Los Angeles From the Golden Globe Winner ‘La La Land’

'La la Land', the Golden Globe winning film, lets you experience Los Angeles in this memorable, romantic musical.


Prankster Vandalizes Hollywood Sign To Read 'Hollyweed'

Hollywood residents woke up to the New Year to see the famous iconic sign "Hollywood" chnaged into "Hollyweed" by a prankster.


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