Hollywood residents woke up to the New Year 2017 eve to see the famed "Hollywood" signed change into "Hollyweed". Apparently, a prankster climbed up the sign to change it using tarps.

The iconic Hollywood signed is located in the area of Griffith Park and Hollywood Hills. The prankster had climbed Mount Hill, went through the fences, climbed the sign and covered the two O's with tarps and made it into e's, effectively making it to read "Hollyweed" instead. Many were amused and went to Twitter to express their amusement. Mic.com posted some of these Twitter comments:

The timing of this "Hollyweed" prank was apparently not incidental. A Recreational marijuana became legal in California on Sunday after voters approved Proposition 64, or the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, in November.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said the vandal, dressed in all black, was recorded by security cameras and could face only a misdemeanor trespassing charge. They are still looking for the offender.

This was not the first time that the iconic "Hollywood" sign was changed into "Hollyweed". In 1976, the day California loosed marijuana state laws, a certain art student at Cal State Northridge named student Danny Finegood, did also the same prank by changing the sign into "Hollyweed".

The prank didn't stop there for Danny Finegood. After the "Hollyweed" prank, he changed the sign back to facetious misspellings like "Holywood" or "Ollywood." Fortunately for him, Finegood was never charged with a crime. He did, however, force city officials to amp up their security detail for the historic landmark.

According to The Guardian, "hikers and tourists in the hills spent the morning of this New Year snapping photos of themselves in front of the altered sign, before park rangers began removing the tarps".